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IF interested inpork pork collar for sale , Pork Collars, Bone-In? At FRISELVA S.A.  specialized in the trade of high-quality Pork SHOULDER PRODUCTS and other quality Pork meat cuts. As an international trader of pork products, we supply all quality pork cuts to Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, North America, and South America.

FRISELVA S.A. offers all cuts of high-quality Pork meat. Our grade A pork collar for sale is available all year round. We source our Quality pork collar for sale with great care at our pork abattoirs and slaughterhouses where we’ve got a wealth of talented and experienced employees working to serve you the best quality pork collar for sale

frozen pork ribs bones,pork meat

Pork meat is very tasty and approved by all food committees for human consumption. It used in a variety of cuisines all around the world. Pork is the culinary name for the meat of the domestic pig. It  the most commonly consumed meat worldwide, with evidence of pig husbandry dating back to 5000 BC. . Ham, smoked , gammon, bacon, and sausage are examples of preserved . pork collar for sale

Product Category: Raw Pork
Type: Frozen Pork Collars, Bone-In
Country of Origin: Spain
Brand/Factory Number: 06-06
Bag: 30 x 60 cm 58mic vacuum-packed
Case 465x 265 x 210.51 cm + 3 dividers
4 units per case
Weight 18.14 kg case
Pallets: 98 boxes/pallet
Shelf life: 24 months
Storage method: refrigerated (minus 18 degrees Celsius)
Hygiene license: SGS, IFS, Halal food certification, BRCGS, and IAWS INTERPORC.

frozen pork breast bones,pork meat without fat

Assuming you have a pork collar cut of pork, cooking it is relatively simple.pork collar for sale

T For every inch of thickness, you will need to cook the pork for 30 minutes.

Next, add some oil to a big skillet and heat it up over medium-high heat.  The flavor and liquids will stay preserved as a result.


  • Quality: Grade A.
  • 100% fresh and frozen.
  • Well dressed and cleaned.
  • No hair
  • No holes
  • No grease/contamination.
  • Ice: <0.3%
  • Broken bones less than 1%.
  • Detection of salmonella: 0%.

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